One of the most special and comfortable places to stay in Kaleiçi, the Parador Suite, offers you a unique lodging experience with its historical texture that will also captivate you. Inside the suite, you will find an inscription dating 800 years back to the Seljuk Period, and its privileged location within the historical walls provides an exceptional accommodation experience.
In this special 4-person suite of ours, when you open your eyes, you will start your day by waking up to the ancient Roman-Era walls. The kitchen inside the room provides you with sufficient facilities to meet your basic needs.
Located on the historical and most aesthetic street of Kaleiçi, Parador Suite aims to offer you the enjoyable atmosphere of Kaleiçi's streets with its table and chairs that you can place in front of the entrance door.


From the moment you enter the room, you will be greeted by a historical and aesthetic atmosphere. Inside the room, you will see that the art of the Podima Stone is reflected in an aesthetic manner. In addition to the seating area, there is also a small kitchen where you can meet your daily needs.
The largest wall within the Podima constitutes a historical wall structure dating back to the Roman Era. Alongside this historical texture, our guests will continue to be accompanied by our warm hospitality and exquisite breakfast.


This room, which will provide you with a memorable lodging experience that you will be sad to leave, takes its name from its garden adorned with 2 middle-aged olive trees and the ancient Roman-Era walls that encircle the garden.
The room stands out with the garden area and the sea-view terrace located above the room, which is exclusive for the guests staying in this room, where you will experience a rustic-modern ambience.
The terrace offers a comfortable living space where you can watch the sunset with a sea view, sunbathe, and in the evening, enjoy your meal and drinks in the seating group in the garden.
The entrance door of this room, isolated from the outside, opens to the "Geyikli Park," which is one of the must-visit places in Kaleiçi and is known for its breathtaking view. Some also refer to it as "Şahin Tepesi (Hawk Hill)". After exiting the garden gate, which serves as the entrance to the room, and walking about 15 meters further down the "Kırk Merdivenler," you can reach Mermerli Beach, the most beautiful beach in Antalya, with just a 1-minute walk downhill. The room is so isolated and peaceful that we recommend closing the garden tent slightly and opening the curtains to sleep.


We have a total of 6 standard rooms in our main building. Four of these are double rooms, one is a triple room, and one is a single room.
In our rooms, which are designed with a modern, simple, and elegant style, shades of turquoise color have been used to provide you with a comfortable lodging experience.


Kılınçarslan Mahallesi

Hıdırlık Sk. No:23

Kaleiçi, Muratpaşa, Antalya

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